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Rabih Hage. An award winning interior designer
who embraces a more sophisticated, modern form of luxury.
A luxury that is simply
One of One
The variety in the daily life of all Londoners is at the core of Rabih Hage’s inspiration for
the interior designs of
The Chilterns
. The neighbourhood of Marylebone itself is also
an inspiration; it is lively, central, accessible and easy to live in. This is what has been
created in
The Chilterns
, interiors that can accommodate various ways of living and
family structures, with a refined luxury.
As well as London’s residents, the countless visitors coming to London every day are
able to participate in this vibrant, diverse atmosphere. London, a capital of culture and
commerce, with the variety it has to offer in dining, theatre, music and art, is embodied
in the opportunity to meet remarkable people doing great things in every walk of life.
This is all central to the
art de vivre
of London. The art of enjoying, which is by and large
taking advantage of the great museums and exhibitions you have on your doorstep. The
next stage is to incorporate this
art de vivre
into your living space, which is part of what
has been realised at
The Chilterns
Whether it will be a primary home, or pied-à-terre, the interiors of each apartment reflect
this unique environment and diversity of one of the world’s greatest cities. This has been
acheived through six interior designed schemes -
Timeless, The Collector, The Voyager,
The Minimalist, Neo-Heritage
Connoisseur -
created exclusively for
The Chilterns
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