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The Chilterns.
An architectural statement
in luxury living.
The Chilterns
consists of 44 luxury apartments which offer a standard of living that is
second to none in the area. Each apartment provides a living space on an unprecedented
scale for this classic part of London and in a style that is simply breathtaking.
The Beatles iconic ‘Apple Boutique’ was located a few yards from the site until 1968, and
has inspired the design of the building’s façade. The varied vertical patterns and colours
featured emulate a series of records on a shelf which give an eye-catching texture and
depth to the exterior. The main bays are clad in reconstituted stone giving a sharp, clean
form to the main structure while feature louvres, inspired by the eclectic record spines,
are composed of coloured acrylic fins set in aluminium frames.
The highest technical specifications coupled with the finest examples of progressive
interiors from world-renowned designer Rabih Hage provide a seamless blend of
comfort and innovation. The building offers secure underground parking, a gym and spa
facility and a concierge service which is on call 24 hours a day. Perhaps most tempting,
residents of each apartment have an opportunity to own a basement wine cellar.
The Chilterns
One of One
View of The Chilterns from Chiltern Street.
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